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These approved programs meet our GTF® eco-label requirements and mostly take place in natural surroundings. The duration of the tours or activities can vary from a few hours to a few days. Services may include the following: Environmental education methods to guide the participants' values​​, knowledge, skills and practices of sustainable development.





Majoitus-, tila- ja ravitsemuspalvelut

Kaikuva Oy

"We offer nature activities and rooms for private people and the groups, companies , meetings and conferences  and customize them to suit your wishes. We are specialize about Incentive groups.

– we take care – its promise !"

Kaislammentie 65
+358 400 707 897

Majoitus-, tila- ja ravitsemuspalvelut

Eräskin Oy

Eräskin Oy on Keski-Karjalan ja Joensuun talousalueella toimiva luontomatkailuun, ohjelmapalveluihin ja seikkailuelämyksiin erikoistunut yritys. Lisäksi palveluihimme kuuluvat metsäluonnon hoitotyöt, työapupalvelut, reitistöjen ja erärakenteiden rakennuspalvelut.

Majoitus-, tila- ja ravitsemuspalvelut

Jongunjoen Matkailu Oy

Located in a small Finnish village within the border to the largest forest area of Europe, Jongunjoen Matkailu offers accommodation in wooden buildings, nature related activities, and relax in a lakeside setting.  In all our operations we consider environmental values and try to minimize the impact of our services and tours by finding the most eco-friendly ways and solutions. 

Jongujoen Matkailu Oy
Kivivaarantie 21
81970 Jongunjoki, Finland
TEL : +358 400 949 215
E-MAIL: info(at)jongunjoenmatkailu.com

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